Productivity goals include learning from educational content and information about educational sites. Includes a review of online courses, a guide for university application and motivation essay writing, and other self-development topics (such as tools, applications, hacks, and tips to improve productivity at work/business.)

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    How to Choose the Right University

    Your university will influence who your friends will be and what interests and hobbies you will develop. The right university offers opportunities or activities you can take advantage of.

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    User Stories: What, How, and Why

    What is User Stories? If you have been working in marketing, development, or design, you have probably heard of user stories. Usually, we start creating our content, product, or service with a particular target audience in mind, which helps us…

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    A purpose is defined by most dictionaries as “the reason” for which something exists. However, having a reason is not the same as having a purpose. A reason can be any need or justification. In context, a purpose is what…

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