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    What is a Mood Board and How can it help? As the name implies, a mood board conveys the ideas and feelings of the artist/s about a certain topic or project. It does not need to be as organized as a Brand Board or a Style Guide. Rather, it is where you can piece together your initial inspiration so you can visually brainstorm how you wish to proceed. It can come in handy if you want to discuss the elements of design with a client or present your idea to a team. Also, a mood board may show how you want your audience to feel about the product you are…

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    User Stories: What, How, and Why

    What is User Stories? If you have been working in marketing, development, or design, you have probably heard of user stories. Usually, we start creating our content, product, or service with a particular target audience in mind, which helps us narrow down our customer or user personas. Once these personas are in place, we can now generate User Stories. Based on the traits and preferences of our personas, we can imagine different end-users and their specific needs and goals. These are the user stories. How to write User Stories? A user story is a sentence that includes: a specific user persona the task or goal that he wants to complete…

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    Why Bloggers need Branding?

    My initial content was mostly about marketing -branding in particular. I believe bloggers need to learn the basics of marketing because it can help them succeed in this field. So far, branding (for me) feels like being on a quicksand > as I get deeper, the more stuck I become. This is the earliest sign of decision paralysis, so I am writing this article to get me out of the rut. So, why don’t we just write content without branding? Why get stuck in branding when writing a blog? All this time, I just want to create content that I can call ‘mine’. I just want to share my ideas.…