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    Establishing a brand identity is crucial, but it needs to have a “personality” to be more effective. A business or brand personality represents the human aspect of a business that helps your brand reach out to its consumers.

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    Consistent branding does not only involve the visual elements like logo, colour, images, and fonts. Those were just the basics. If we go deeper, we will find that a brand’s personality is revealed through their voice and tone. That is to say, how your brand communicates with the audience. To clarify, consider McDonald’s jingle “I’m lovin’ it”. You do not even need to see the golden arches; you know its McDonald’s. That is how brand voice and tone works. Similarly, you do not need to see your parents when they call you. You know that it is them from the sound of their voice. Also, you do not need to…

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    There are billions of people around the world. Data shows that almost half of that is in their 30s. Who are you trying to serve? What is your niche market? If you are trying to be everything for everyone, then you are bound to fail. Apart from your inherent human limitations, there is also an endless consumer need that you have to satisfy. If you try to cater to different groups depending on what is trending, then how can you define your brand identity. By trying to serve everyone, you may end up with no one. What is a niche market? A niche is a specific target market. It is the portion of the…

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    What is a Mood Board and How can it help? As the name implies, a mood board conveys the ideas and feelings of the artist/s about a certain topic or project. It does not need to be as organized as a Brand Board or a Style Guide. Rather, it is a where you can piece together your initial inspiration so you can visually brainstorm how you wish to proceed. It can come handy if you want to discuss the elements of design to a client or present your idea to a team. Also, a mood board may show how you want your audience to feel about the product you are…

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    Empowering you towards digital success!

    G2G Digital is all about Personal Branding and Marketing for your Entrepreneur Goals. We acknowledge that the technical and financial side of business -especially capital, are important. However, we believe that if you intend to establish a start-up or just work in e-commerce and conduct sales, without knowledge of branding and marketing, there’s a big chance that you will fail. In this blog, we will help you figure out how you can improve your online image alongside your business. Allow us to help you understand the complicated world of branding and marketing. -Guts2Goals Team

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    5 Steps to Enlarge your Psychological Wallet

    Most of the articles and posts I have read concerning “psychological wallet” have cited Bo Sanchez’s book 8 Secrets of the Truly Rich. Actually, I have not yet gotten my hands on that book. I do not have a lengthy financial background either. I mean, I have zero expertise on it. Thus, I am exploring the topic as much as I can during my free time (like now). Psychological wallet was discussed as a belief system, an attitude, or a relationship towards money. I like how Arvin Orubia puts it like a kind of money “comfort zone”. I mean if you do not know what your psychological wallet IS right…

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    Different people have different lives, different routine, different skin. So, I do not buy into the idea that a single skincare product-line will be all I need nor would a single product be the only holy.grail Personally, I like nature, nature-friendly products, and natural ingredients. I feel the world is already full of pollutants, toxins, and chemicals -I do not want to add more in my life. However, there are times when we need to consider other options “out of necessity”. For these, I tried to keep it local. That’s the least I can do for my country. Besides, local skincare companies know what suits Filipina skin better. After almost…