Consistent branding does not only involve visual elements like logo, color, images, and fonts. Those were just the basics. If we go deeper, we will find that a brand’s personality is revealed through its voice and tone. That is to say, how your brand communicates with the audience. To clarify, consider McDonald’s jingle “I’m lovin’ it”. You do not even need to see the golden arches; you know it’s McDonald’s. That is how brand voice and tone works.

Similarly, you do not need to see your parents when they call you. You know that it is them from the sound of their voice. Also, you do not need to see their face when they are worried or irritated. You can identify their emotions from the tone of their voice.

Unconsciously, you are exposed to different brand voices and tones every day. You may find some companies using quirky language, while others are very formal. Most telecommunications companies on Facebook use a friendly tone, while banks almost always have a professional tone. Still, you may notice several businesses that use different voices and tones depending on the trend or occasion.

Now, let us figure out your brand’s language and communication styles.

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