Why Bloggers need Branding?

My initial content was mostly about marketing, branding in particular. I believe bloggers need to learn the basics of marketing because they can be successful in this field. So far, branding feels like being on a quicksand -I get deeper and more stuck every time I try to take a step forward. But why am not just writing content without branding?

Why get stuck in branding when writing a blog? All this time, I just want to create content that I can call ‘mine’. I just want to share my ideas.

To everyone wondering (why I keep on learning branding and why you should do it too), here are 3 things that can motivate you to finish Branding until the end.

1. Branding defines your ‘digital self’

It does not matter if it is a personal blog. As long as you are writing for an audience, you are presenting a part of yourself to the world. Among the netizens, you are known for your ‘digital’ image. And that is what branding does for you. It is the cohesive aspect of that image. Without it, you are unrecognizable.

2. Branding saves time and effort in the long-run

As a writer, writing might be easier for you than talking to a stranger or frying sunny-side eggs. However, like most people, you definitely have so much more things to do in life apart from typing/writing. If you have the branding basics, you would spend less time on choosing the font, matching colors, finding the right photo, etc. for each post.

3. Branding establish your value

 Well, your personal blog may not be at par with designer labels in terms of brand authority but with the consistency that branding gives, you will at least gain more authority as a writer. You are a professional and people will be reading your post because they see you as one. Do you want to disappoint them with branding failures?

Take Away

Since you already decided to open your mind to the world, as well as spend time and perhaps some money on your blog, why not spend at least a few weeks dedicated to branding. It is a long-term solution that can save you time and effort, increase your value as a professional, and serves as your digital image to all netizens around the globe.

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