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Jung’s 12 Brand Personality Archetypes

Personality, previous experiences, and other people’s opinions can influence a consumer’s decisions to buy your product or use your service. Although quality and benefits are equally important, these may hold little value in a saturated market -where everyone is doing the same business (–starting a new blog in 2020). Establishing a brand identity is crucial, but it needs to have a “personality” to be more effective. A business or brand personality represents the human aspect of a business that helps your brand reach out to its consumers. Having a brand personality will guide you in choosing and aligning the elements of your brand identity. Just as your personality influences your lifestyle and choices.

Marketing Model: Brand Peronality Archetypes

Brand Archetypes - Brand Personality - Jung


Voice: Concise, Accepting, Optimistic/Cheerful, Unpretentious/Straightforward, Nostalgic
Wants/Makes you: feel safe, natural
Ideals: Simple, Pure, Loyal
Fear: Punishment for breaking rules, Cannot fulfill a promise, Being tainted
Strategy: Do what is morally right, Create a feel-good spirit
Weaknesses: Can be Boring, Naive,
Talents: Faith, Optimism,
Motto: Do right. No worries.

Innocent Archetype


Voice: Guiding, Factual -fewer emotions
Wants: to understand and find the truth
Ideals: Intelligence, Authority/Expertise, Calm,
Fear: Ignorance, Confusion, Being wrong, Misinformation
Strategy: Seek information and provide practical advice
Weaknesses: Indecisive, Obsession with detail, Overthinking
Talents: Decisive, Influence, Objective, Life-long Learner
Motto: Knowledge is power

Sage Archetype


Voice: Exciting, Daring, Encourage
Wants: to be free and live a life worth living
Ideals: Independence, Self-Discovery
Fear: Conformity, Feeling Trapped, Incarceration, Immobility
Strategy: Rise up to the challenge, explore alternatives,
Weaknesses: May not fit in; aimless;
Talents: Adventurous, Risk-taker, Free
Motto: Life is an adventure.

Explorer Archetype


Voice: Disruptive, Rebellious,
Wants: to liberate and start a revolution -change the status quo
Ideals: Liberation, Independence
Fear: Dependence, Servitude, Conformity
Strategy: Destroy then rebuild
Weaknesses: Can pursue negative ways, too unorthodox ways
Talents: Inspiring, pave the way to change
Motto: Rules are meant to be broken

Outlaw Archetype


Voice: Mystical, Reassuring
Wants: to have power
Ideals: Transformation, inspiration, dynamics
Fear: Stagnation, uncertainty, unforeseen negatives
Strategy: Pursue a vision and transform reality
Weaknesses: manipulation
Talents: Simplifying things,
Motto: Make things happen

Magician Archetype


Voice: Candid/Direct, Challenging/Motivational,
Wants: to master
Ideals: Honesty, bravery, focus
Fear: Incompetence, deterioration, vulnerability
Strategy: Become stronger and better
Weaknesses: Arrogance, always seeking competition
Desire: Prove one’s worth
Motto: No excuses, find a way to make the world a better place

Hero Archetype


Voice: Empathetic, Romantic, Warm and Sensual, Appreciative
Wants: intimacy and feel desired
Ideals: emotions, affections, pleasure
Fear: Rejection, Isolation, Loneliness
Strategy: be the most attractive, reaffirm positive traits, provide red-carpet treatment
Weaknesses: Too selfless and idealistic, may create unnecessary drama
Talents: Fully committed and passionate
Motto: Beauty cannot be ignored

Lover Archetype


Voice: Fun, Optimistic, Playful, Mischievous, Humor. Sarcasm, Easy-going
Wants: to bring enjoyment, enjoy life, and have a great time
Ideals: lighten up the world,
Fear: Boredom, Gloom,
Strategy: Add humor and appreciate life,
Weaknesses: wasting time, frivolous, can be disrespectful or unsuitable
Talents: bring laughter, being the center of attention
Motto: Live in the moment

Jester Archetype


Voice: Friendly, Authentic, Relatable, Act as a peer
Wants: to belong, inclusion
Ideals: humility, hard work, build connections
Fear: To be left out, Be judged
Strategy: create a community, provide comfort
Weaknesses: losing oneself, lack distinctive character, not a leader
Talents: Authenticity, Realism
Motto: Everyone is equal

Everyman Archetype


Voice: Selfless, Encouraging, Considerate
Wants to/Makes you: serve and care for others
Ideals: Nurture, Protect, Benevolence
Fear: Ingratitude. Helplessness, Taken for granted,
Strategy: Provide. Do things for others
Weaknesses: taken advantage of, exploited, Cannot say n
Talents: Compassion, Generosity
Motto: Love thy neighbor

Caregiver Archetype


Voice: Commanding, Confident, Refined, Simple but Sophisticated,
Wants to/Makes you: feel in power, control, secured, and important, good taste
Ideals: Success, Wealth, Dominance, Luxury/High-Standard
Fear: Chaos, Weakness, Failure, Poverty, Losing control
Strategy: Show superiority and exclusivity, Lead others to success,
Weaknesses: Can be too controlling; inability to delegate
Talents: Organized, Leader, Responsible, Goal-oriented
Motto: Power is the only thing that matters

Ruler Archetype


Voice: Descriptive, Visual, Expressive
Wants/Makes you: innovate; create things with value
Ideals: Originality/Unique, Vision, Aesthetics
Fear: Stagnation, Poor execution/results, Criticisms
Strategy: Enhance skills, encourage originality and DIY solutions, creative thinking
Weaknesses: Perfectionism. impractical solutions
Talents: Creativity, Imagination, Curiosity, Craftmanship
Motto: You create your reality -uncover potentials; if you can think it, you can do it

Creator Archetype

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